Welcome To Jems Fireworks

We've Kinda Moved And Got Another Store to Better Serve you!
Our address is 151 South Harbour Dr. Noblesville, Indiana.
We are in the Same Plaza as Marco's Pizza

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Our address is 2024 Cherry St. Noblesville, Indiana.
We are just a block from State Road 37 Right behind Deer Creek Brewery.

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This year we are keeping our prices the lowest in the state. We had so much fun last year and everyone seemed happy about the new pricing that we just couldnt raise them back up so they are staying where they are. Dont forget to like us on facebook and spread the word that we are here with the best deals in the state! Its easy to do just click the button on the right.
Please Remember that while we try to make sure the website is up to date with all the new stuff we have and the prices we offer, it is a big site and only one person to run it. We are constantly updating it to bring you everything we can so please bear with us.

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