This website has a large portion of our stock and while we try to make sure the pricing and stock are correct it is hard to keep up on it all. Please just come by the store or call if you want to see if we have something.

500 Gram Shot Blocks
The Big Daddy of them all. These are the ones everyone loves.
Multi-Effect Shot Blocks

The smaller cousin of the 500 grammers. Still nice, just not as big.

Bigger bangs and a longer show make reloadables a quick seller.

Keep it on the ground and "safe and sane." Good for adding a little variety to your show.

Everything from firecrackers, sparklers, parachutes and spinners. If it doesnt fit in another category it is here.

From bottle rockets to the big super rockets, if it has a stick on the end its in here.

More Variety, less money with these assortment packs.
Roman Candles

From Black Cat's the handful to the china 8 ball all our roman candles are here.